50% off Coaching Sessions

Impact Artist Changing the World One Life at a Time

Feeling Overwhelmed Due To COVID-19 or life in general?

I’m here to help! I know COVID-19 can bring on stress and anxiety so I am offering a special offer for coaching sessions! Each session will be 50% off which means each sessions is $62! I can help you work through any issues that are popping up due to our current world situation or any issues that have been around awhile. It’s the “new normal” and adjusting to it can be extremely challenging.

What better time to work with someone who can help align your vision and life with what is happening at this very moment. You can set new goals, work on your health and nutrition, or tame your anxiety over the future. Let me help you see things differently and reframe your thinking to better serve your new life!

$62 Per Session-Up to 3 Sessions

Let’s Get Your Hands Dirty!