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Coach Juanita

Hello! My name is Juanita. I am a mother of three who enjoys singing and hanging out with family. I was born in Austin, Texas but live in Phoenix, Arizona.

I graduated from Arizona State University. I have obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work. I have worked as a Medical Social Worker and have assisted with helping individuals process feelings during the most difficult and challenging times of their lives.

In a world of uncertainty and at times chaos, there has to be some level of homeostasis within our lives. I can help with the road to consistency and stability. I strive to help people live their best life by providing professional coaching services, whether it’s Life, Personal, Relationships or Health. Our mindsets play a pertinent role and I recognize how important it is for every person to live the life they desire. I am here to help you reach that goal! My work has changed lives by revealing hidden goals and barriers, and partnering with my clients to unleash their own ability to move forward one step at a time. You deserve to have someone who can help you find your own authentic path while walking alongside you every step of the way. pornhubgay

Juanita Dawson, MSW

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